speeches in english, spanish, hindi, bengali

  1. Self-empowerment, the law of attraction and how it all works as a mirror
  2. The pitfalls of manifestation: why positive thinking & spirituality don't always work and what really works
  3. Magic: how signs & synchronicities guide us on our destiny path
  4. My story: an inner journey to a path of passion & purpose
  5. Foreign education / study abroad & student exchange programs
  6. How to stay healthy and be safe while traveling/living abroad
  7. International Travel: how to be a confident traveler; how to travel at the drop of a hat; how to travel cheap and have a ball!
  8. International culture: how to navigate across multi-cultural boundaries
  9. Being multilingual: how to be language smart  ...and more!

Speaking gigz!

I am a motivational & TEDx speaker, having presented several lectures on a wide range of subjects, esoteric and exoteric, including sharing my own personal journey in the book 'magicNine', to students and adults alike, at International venues, cultural and book events, in English, Spanish, Bengali and Hindi.  Some of the topics I discuss, include: 

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