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Publications / Broadcasting List

  1. Media byte at TEDxSOAUniversity, 14 January 2019, Odisha India: Read here
  2. Articles featuring TEDxNainiWomen on Newspapers, 2 December 2018, India: Read Dainik Jagran, HindustanAmar Ujala
  3. A portrait painting of the author hangs at Gallery JULIO ARRAGA exhibition, 9 February 2018, Venezuela: See here
  4. Recommendation to visit Costa Rica, on “Days to Come” by Tour Radar, 25 January 2018, online: See here
  5. Speech coverage "Parallel & past lives" on Doordarshan, national TV, 23 & 24 August 2017, India: Watch here
  6. Article & video published on "Life after death" at TS in online news, 20 August 2017, India: Read here
  7. Author Interview, books, dance and a chat on All India Radio - Akashvani, 16 August 2017, India: Listen here
  8. Featuring speech on “Death & beyond” at Theosophical Society by, 9 August 2017, India: Click here
  9. Featuring speech on “Death & afterlife” at Alliance Française by, 19 July 2017, India: Click here
  10. Reportage "Kolkata girl bridges Bengal-Costa Rica gap" on Times of India, 13 February 2017, India: Read here
  11. Dance show "magicNine -the journey of love" featured on Ebela Newspaper, 14 January 2017, India: Look up here
  12. Dance show "magicNine -the journey of love" interview on Prime24 TV, 13 January 2017, New York USA:  Watch here
  13. Book, calendar, dance on Super Canal, "La Hora del Swing" LIVE 7-8 September 2016, New York USA:  Watch here
  14. Talking about 'Travel', host on JUS Punjabi TV, "Khidi Dupehar" LIVE 15 July 2016, New York USA:  Watch here
  15. Introduction of magicNine & spirituality on JUS Punjabi TV, "Khidi Dupehar" LIVE 8 July 2016, New York USA:  Watch here
  16. Book, calendar & dance presentation on RadioZurquí at La Casa de la Cultura, LIVE 13 May 2016, Costa Rica:  Watch here
  17. Author interview and magicNine on Radio 94-7, Cadena Radial Costarricense LIVE11 May 2016, Costa Rica:  Listen here
  18. Author interview, magicNine -the book, and a chat on RadioZurquí, LIVE 21 February 2016, Costa Rica:  Listen here
  19. Author & dancer featured on Universidad UMCA digital News, Vision Actual, January 2016, Costa Rica:  Flip to page 18
  20. Book reportage "Un relato de la vida se plasma en magicNine" on La Prensa Libre, 8 April 2015, Costa Rica:  Read here
  21. Book magicNine & about its author featured on TV24 NEWS Hooghly, April 2015, West Bengal, India:  Watch here
  22. Dance reportage, abunDance on Teletica, Canal 7, Mas que Noticias (+QN), 3 November 2014, Costa Rica:  Watch here
  23. Book magicNine Press Release by Publisher SBPRA on PRLog, 11 September 2014, New York USA:  Read here
  24. Book magicNine pre-release first interview on Radio FM 104.8 Chennai LIVE, 6 September 2014, India:  Listen here