An artist of the heart!

I am an evolutionary artist.  My life's journey has made me an artist of the heart; my art is to inspire others and aspire to raise human consciousness on our planet earth.  I am a member of the International Directory of Evolutionary Artists (IDEA) which is a global community of visual and performing artists, artisans and writers on a path of expanding consciousness, with a passion for contributing to change in the world, co-creating with Life, for life!  

I love expressing myself in myriad ways, through dancing, designing, acting. writing, painting, choreographing, modeling, composing, creating... I tell the story of my heart, of suffering and love, of pain and loss, of triumph and tragedy, of wisdom and foolhardy! In today's  times of separation & indifference, I like to spread the joy of true expression, the beauty of living from the heart and honoring our desires, the glory of trusting in the unknown and playing our biggest games in life! 😍