dance in abundance

...and like the holy river ganga, i danced the sacred into being...
...and this is just the beginning, the beginning of the beginning...

" i started swaying, swirling, swooning to the song of my soul and before i knew it, i was dancing, in distant lands, seducing the spirits of strangers; that's when this madness began, this insanity that keeps me sane... dance in abundance! "

I love expressing myself in myriad ways, through dancing and choreographing, composing and creating... dance has no foreign accent ♥

"...i dance because i dance, because i dance! "

abunDance magicNine

Dance in abundance!

'abunDance' is a nine-letter dance, born while writing 'magicNine' as an act of self-expression; it is dictated from the heart and dedicated to the heart; it is communing & communicating with consciousness, connecting with magic, dancing with infinity, shamelessly expressing our true desires; it is imperfect and flawed, passion personified, mania manifested, glory glamorized, the kind of dance life is made of...  

stills from shows