I feel very privileged to have worked so closely with Author and Dancer, Baisakhi Saha to co-create this 2016 calendar. You will love it! Baisakhi designed it using posters created last year from her lovely dance photos. As I read her wonderful book 'magicNine' I kept highlighting the meaningful quotes I noted throughout, and mindfully chose one empowering quote for each photo. It was such a pleasure for me to use my passion for the creative process and put together Baisakhi's quotes with her dance photos. You will have a colourful poster and empowering message each month to brighten up your wall, your day, your month, for the entire year. Enjoy! Have a magical 2016! 

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Synopsis:  when all roads come to an end, the magical road begins...

This tale follows a young Indian girl who believes in the idea of a soul mate.  Guided by certain dreams, she takes on the voyage of her heart, magically navigating Asia, Europe, Africa, South-Central-North America... like a fallen leaf, she flies in the direction of her dreams, with only signs wrapped in the sheets of desire guiding her.  In search of her soul mate, she met her own soul!  

Calendar 2016:  magicNine calendar 2016 is based on the book 'magicNine' co-created by evolutionary artist Esther Gieringer and author Baisakhi Saha. While reading the book, Esther felt inspired to create some posters of it using dance pictures of Baisakhi from 'abunDance' and quotes from her book; 2+0+1+6 inevitably was the year of the nines!  

This is a colourful and inspirational calendar of artistic posters by Esther G. Gieringer featuring a beautiful dancer (and author), Baisakhi Saha. The text on each month's poster from Baisakhi's book, magicNine, helps us be mindful: for instance, throughout February we are reminded that Love is a choice we can make any time. With space for notes, signs that show the different phases of the moon and zodiac signs, this is also a useful, informative calendar, printed on satin-finished flexible card, to grace the wall of any home or office. Visually attractive, informative, useful and inspirational - what more would you want from a calendar?!
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Great dose of adventures - outer and inner, spiritual connections - coincidental and conscious, magic literally in every iota and authenticity to the core! I love the travels the author went through and the freedom it makes her exude. I can only imagine how rich an experience of journeying through some of the most difficult parts of the world would have been for a girl from a rather conservative land. The vivid descriptions and the unique format of the book have a great sense of rawness, lending a bout of authenticity. It helps you relate to the book so much more. Very adventurous and courageous of the author to stick with such a format indeed! A great peek into how no one ever sets out to discover his / her inner self, but you discover yourself in the process of life itself, if you are aware and determined to remain conscious, to be alive... (Read more)
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I'm a storyteller!

Hi, I'm a storyteller; I tell real stories about real people to fictitious characters!  My first book 'magicNine' is an adventure of the mind, a voyage of the heart, a cosmic dance to consciousness, a journey to destiny... it recounts the inner adventures of young Boi traversing the globe in search of love, meaning and magic in life.