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Acting, modeling, story writing, composing, creating... I'm interested in acting in your short film or feature film, in mainstream or off-beat cinema, foreign films, musicals, music videos, commercials or documentaries.  Multilingual, I speak six languages viz. English, Spanish, German, Bengali, Hindi and little Tamil. If you would like to cast me in a substantial or protagonistic role in your movie, I will be happy to join hands with you and create an interesting project together. Please contact me for details! 😍

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I'm an actress & model!

I'm a budding actress and an aspiring model.  Having done Spanish & English short films, theater, documentaries, music videos, TV gigs, modeling photoshoots and story writing, I'm now onto feature films. My first movie 'nrit' is on its way! I'm also listed on More information in this section coming soon. Till then, here are some teasers...  stay tuned!  

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