National University of Singapore (NUS)
​2002 - 2006

​Bachelors of Computing with Business Focus; Minor in German
I was awarded the prestigious SIA-NOL (Singapore Airlines-Neptune Orient Lines) 100% Undergraduate Scholarship plus allowance to do University in Singapore.  Besides my major in IT & minor in Deutsch, I also did a stint in Statistics, Economics, Management and Psychology.    

Victoria Junior College, Singapore (VJC)
​2000 - 2002

A - Levels (Double Maths, Double Science)
I was awarded the prestigious SIA (Singapore Airlines) 100% Youth Scholarship plus allowance to study Pre-University in Singapore. My subjects included Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Hindi as a second language.  

Hindu Senior Secondary School (HSSS)
​1995 - 1999

CBSE Board (O - Level equivalent)
Appeared in CBSE grade 10, All India exams with a score of 91.2% (School topper in English with 98% marks; Amongst top 0.1% at All India level, merit from CBSE for outstanding performance in English). Passed grade 9 with 91% (1st rank), grade 8 with 93.5% (1st), grade 7 with 93.83% (2nd).

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Work experience

Author, Motivational & TEDx Speaker at 'magicNine'
​2009 - Present
​I published my first book '
magicNine' in 2014.  The writing process began in 2009.  Since the publication of the book I have done several speaking gigz at a variety of locations internationally. Be it motivating students, empowering women or inspiring adults alike, I've done a number of presentations at Universities, Institutions, Hotels, Libraries and other venues, teaching the law of attraction, how signs and synchronicities guide us on our destiny path, how to follow our dreams or tune in to the inner calling and more... Get a copy of my book on amazon or visit my channel magicNine to watch some of my events or other book related activities.

Dancer, Choreographer, Actor & Model at 'abunDance'
​2012 - Present

​During the writing process of my book, '
abunDance' was born as an act of self-expression, the kind of dance life is made of... dance in abundance!  I have performed at a variety of events and venues, exhibiting Indian culture and a fusion of dance forms from different traditions; I have staged a number of shows along with speaking gigs, combining education and entertainment in the same package.  Visit my channel abunDance to watch some of my performances.  Besides kathak and other Indian dance forms, I'm also trained in salsa, exotic and belly dance.

Evolutionary Artist & Video Coordinator at IDEA
​2014 - Present

​IDEA stands for International Directory of Evolutionary Artists, a global community of visual and performing artists, artisans and writers on a path of expanding consciousness, with a passion for contributing to change in the world, co-creating with Life, for life. Please visit my 
IDEA profile or go to for more details. 

English Profesora at WSI, CEVAZ, DHL & CCCN
​2009 - 2013

​For several years I have taught English and Business Communication to people of all age groups, right from children to senior adults, during my student exchange programs in South and Central America through AIESEC.  I am TOEIC certified to teach English as a Second Language [ESL] to foreigners.  My teaching methods included engaging all the senses viz. visual, audio, kinesthetics, games, interactive boards etc. The organisations I worked with are Wall Street Institute (WSI), Centro Venezolano Americano del Zulia (CEVAZ), DHL Head Quarters in Latin America and Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano (CCCN). 

Member & Exchange Participant at AIESEC
​2006 - 2014
​At my University in Singapore (NUS), I was a member of the world's largest student organisation,
AIESEC.  I soon became an Exchange Participant and traveled the world through this platform, from Asia to Europe to Africa to South, North and Central America, I did internship programs with a variety of Organisations.  Currently I am an Alumna.

Marketing Manager at Goge Africa & NigMUNS

​2007 - 2008
​I went to Africa on my first Student exchange program and worked there as a marketing executive and business developer at the Model United Nations (MUN) in Nigeria and the famous Goge Africa TV show for the Africans and the diaspora; my work also involved journalism, cultural education, organizing community support at Goge Africa Foundation (GAF), career guidance & counseling projects for students among others, during which I traveled all over Nigeria and also to Ghana through Benin Republic and Togo along the West Coast of the continent.  

Interpreter at Save the Childhood Foundation
2006 - 2007
​I worked as an interpreter of German, English and Hindi languages working closely with the Noble Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi.  I also volunteered at his NGO, Global March Against Child Labour and Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA), working with young children, organizing, managing, planning projects & proposals, conducting National Consultation Conference, South Asian March against child trafficking in collaboration with the Government, World Vision, UN and other International representatives.




I'm an International author, motivational & TEDx speaker, globetrotter and a performing artist. My first book, 'magicNine' is about how signs and synchronicities guide us on our destiny path. I do public speaking, addressing large groups of audience, discussing dreams, desires & destiny, how to tune in to our inner calling and connect with the collective consciousness.  Through the writing of my book, 'abunDance' was born as an act of self-expression, the kind of dance life is made of...  Since then I have performed many dance shows and also acted in short films. I compose stories for short films and am onto feature films now.

​Please go through this site, the services I provide, and feel free to contact me if you have a project for me or would like to engage me in a speaking / acting gig. Thank you and enjoy the ride!  




BENGALI / বাংলা
HINDI / हिंदी
SANSKRIT / संस्कृतम्


I am an author, motivational & TEDx speaker, and a globetrotter.  Since the publication of my book, I have done numerous speaking gigs on following our dreams, listening to the heart and tuning into our inner calling, navigating destiny, having lectured on various esoteric and exoteric topics. I am a dancer, actor, model and choreographer at 'abunDance', an extended platform to have an experience of myself!  An artist of the heart, I have acted in theater, Spanish and English short films and am looking forward to doing more foreign and feature films. I speak, read and write fluent English, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, and some German.  I also speak a little Tamil and write Sanskrit.    


I was born in Kolkata, India.  I have lived in different countries across five continents on various student exchange programs, learning the language of life and love through diverse mirrors of reality. From a software graduate to a marketing executive to an English teacher, interpreter and now a writer, speaker, dancer and actor, mysterious coincidences led me from one place to another, contriving me to live out my destiny...

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